Breathe Easier

Maximizing Every Breath You Take

Your doctor has prescribed PEP therapy to help you breathe easier. The VibraPEP is the most therapeutic PEP device available, maximizing every breath you take.  Even with weakened lung capacity, you can breathe into the VibraPEP® and it will create the pressure and vibrations necessary to loosen mucus and strengthen your lung capacity.

Designed with Simplicity in Mind

Simply Click and Breathe

Simply click the VibraPEP to the setting recommended by your doctor and follow their therapy instructions written on the Reference Guide or as provided by your doctor.

How it Works

What are the Settings For?

The easy-to-change settings allow your doctor to prescribe various levels of therapy. Your healthcare provider will determine the right therapy setting for you. Make sure that the device setting is set as prescribed by your healthcare provider. And always read the Instructions for Use before using the VibraPEP®.

Positions 1-3 deliver a synchronous wave form which aids in promoting collateral ventilation to assist in opening the airways and helping with shortness of breath.  Positions 4-5 deliver an asynchronous wave form which helps to loosen and thin mucus to assist in the elimination of retained secretions.

Your healthcare provider will recommend the proper setting to treat your lungs.  Follow the Quick Start Guide and Instructions for Use.

Two PEP Therapies in One Device

The VibraPEP is unique in that it creates standard vibrations or more “dynamic” vibrations for various PEP needs. Plus, its unique design makes it simple to assemble, use and clean.  This video will give you a short introduction about it’s components and features.

Easy-to-Clean, Dishwasher-Safe

You may clean your VibraPEP either by hand-washing, placing it in boiling water for 10 minutes or washing the parts in a basket on the top rack of your diswasher.  Let the parts dry overnight.

See your instruction booklet for details or download a new Instructions for Use Guide.

Using VibraPEP with a Nebulizer

With your doctor’s recommendation, your VibraPEP may be connected to a nebulizer with the Valved Tee Adapter that was included with your VibraPEP. (Some models may not include Valved Tee Adapter.)