OscPEP Therapy

Not every patient has the same lung pathology, why treat them with the same PEP? VibraPEP® is a multi-function PEP device that any patient can use, in any position.

One-Device, Two Vibration Patterns, Multiple Therapies

VibraPEP produces two types of asynchronous vibration patterns. The oscillation, interruption and flow have been shown to decrease the cohesiveness of sputum. With 5 easy-to-adjust settings, you can match the therapy to the patient’s lung pathology.


You can set VibraPEP to a standard vibration setting that treats patients requiring a permanent PEP with added pressure oscillations above baseline. It enlarges and promotes airway stabilization and collateral ventilation.


DynamicPEP can be used to treat patients requiring more variance or “dynamics” in their treatment. Here, a gradual rising pressure is followed by a sudden pressure drop creating more random vibrations.decreases the cohesiveness of sputum promoting mucociliary clearance.

Patient Use: Designed for Simplicity

The VibraPEP is designed for simplicity and better, long lasting therapy.  As you will see in this video, it is incredibly easy for patients to understand and use, no matter your recommended therapy.  It can be used in any position and is not gravity-dependent.  It also provides excellent medicine delivery with a nebulizer.

Effective, Efficient Medicine Delivery

VibraPEP may be connected to a nebulizer with the Valved Tee Adapter that was included with your VibraPEP.