OPEP Therapy

Different lung pathology requires a different treatment approach. So, why treat every lung the same? VibraPEP® is the only OscPEP device that lets you tailor the pressure and flow waveforms to meet a patient’s unique needs.

Multiple PEP Therapies, One Simple Device

VibraPEP® with patented oscillating valve technology (OscValve™) delivers differentiated therapy not available in mechanical OPEP devices. The patented OscValve™ design allows the clinician to fine tune the shape of the oscillation waveform to match the lung pathology of the patient.


You can set VibraPEP to a standard vibration setting that treat patients requiring a permanent PEP with added pressure oscillations above baseline. It enlarges and promotes airway stabilization and collateral ventilation.

Waveform of CombinedPEP Vibrations


DynamicPEP can be used to treat patients requiring more variance or “dynamics” in their treatment. Here, a gradual rising pressure is followed by a sudden pressure drop creating more random vibrations. This decreases the cohesiveness of sputum promoting mucociliary clearance.

Waveform of DynamicPEP Vibrations

VibraPEP Makes the Most Out of Every Breath

Maximizing Patient Effort

Patients with weakened lung capacity, can’t blow out a candle, let alone sustain a high expiratory flow rate for 4 seconds.  VibraPEP® is the only OscPEP device that delivers maximum therapy with minimum flow.