The Science is in the Design

VibraPEP’s Oscillating Valve Technology allows you to fine tune the Therapy to accommodate differing lung pathology.

Designed for Simplicity

The VibraPEP is the most therapeutic PEP device available, maximizing every breath a patient takes.

Here's How it Works

Patients with weakened lung capacity can’t blow out a candle, let alone sustain a high expiratory flow rate for 4 seconds. VibraPEP® is the only device that delivers maximum therapy with minimum flow.

CombinedPEP® for Atelectasis

Setting 1, 2 or 3 creates CombinedPEP characterized as continuous positive pressure above baseline with applied pressure and flow changes. These settings maintain an appropriate positive expiratory pressure (PEP) that promotes collateral ventilation by stabilizing and enlarging the airways.

DynamicPEP® for Bronchial Secretions

Setting 4 or 5 creates DynamicPEP, erratic flow and pressure oscillations characterized by a slow increase from zero to Maximum with an abrupt return to zero.  Viscous mucus cannot follow these fast movements which result in a shedding of mucous from the bronchial wall. 

Efficient Therapy

VibraPEP with non-mechanical, flow valve technology converts most of the patient effort into therapy. Requiring 34-54% LESS total lung volume than other OPEP devices.  This allows patients to more easily achieve maximum therapeutic benefit from OPEP therapy.

Dual Therapy: Aerosol + OPEP

When clinically indicated, medication can be aerosolized and delivered to the peripheral airways in conjunction with OPEP therapy. The VibraPEP is FDA cleared for combined aerosol and OPEP therapy providing maximum therapeutic benefit. The patented one-way T-valve optimizes drug delivery enhancing the therapeutic benefit of combined therapy.

The VibraPEP with EZ-FLOW Valve Technology is the only non-mechanical OPEP device on the market. The majority of patient effort is converted into therapy making the most out of every breath.

VibraPEP Product Features